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영화음악 OST

영화 "Australia - Somewhere over the Rainbow By the Boab Tree - 'Australia' soundtrack Judy Garland - The Wizard of Oz Somewhere over the Rainbow Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high, 저기 어딘가에, 무지개 너머에, 저 높은 곳에 There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. 자장가에 가끔 나오는 나라가 있다고 들었어 Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue, 저기 어딘가에, ..
OST 영화 "Top Gun Berlin-Take My Breath Away body { background-color:transparent; margin:0; padding:0; overflow-x:auto; overflow-y:hidden; scrollbar-3dlight-color:#FFFFFF; scrollbar-arrow-color:#FFFFFF; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:#FFFFFF; scrollbar-face-color:#DBDBDB; scrollbar-highlight-color:#BBBBBB; scrollbar-shadow-color:#BBBBBB; scrollbar-track-color:#F3F3F3; } body p { line-height:1.6; } p { margin:0; padding:0; } ..
영화 OST The Three Musketeers (삼총사, 1993) Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting - All For Love(Theme From "The Three All For Love When it's love you give (I'll be a man of good faith) 그대가 준 사랑이라면 (나는 굳은 신념의 사나이가 되겠습니다) Then in love you live (I'll make a stand, I won't break) 그러면 그대는 사랑 안에서 살 수 있겠죠. (그대를 위해 굳건히 서겠습니다 절대 부서지지 않을 거예요) I'll be the rock you can build o..
OST 영화 접속 The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes ㅐㄴㅅ 영화 "접속"중에서 Pale Blue Eyes Sometimes I feel so happy 난 때론 기쁘고, Sometimes I feel so sad 때론 너무 슬퍼, Sometimes I feel so happy 어떤 때는 너무나도 기쁘지만, But mostly you just make me mad 거의 대부분의 당신은 날 미치게 만드네요 Baby, you just make me mad 당신은 정말 날 미치게 만들어요 Linger on..
OST 에니메이션 영화 [The Prince Of Egypt] Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston-When You Believe Many nights we prayed 우린 많은 밤 기도를 했어요. With no proof anyone could hear 누군가가 들을거란 확신은 없지만 말이죠 In our hearts a hope for a song 우리의 마음속에 있는 희망을 We barely understood 겨우 이해했어요 Now we are not afraid 우린 이제부터 두려워하면 안돼요 Although we know there's much to fear 비록 ..
OST 영화 "사랑과 영혼(Ghost)" Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody The Righteous Brothers-Unchained Melody (1965) 영화 "사랑과 영혼(Ghost)" 중에서 영화 "사랑과 영혼(Ghost)" 중에서 Unchained Melody Oh, my love my darling 오 사랑하는 그대여 I've hungered for your touch 정말이지 오랫동안 당신이 그리웠어요 A long lonely time 너무나 외로운 긴 시간이었어요 And time goes by so slowly 시간은..
OST 영화 '백야(White Nights)' Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me Say You Say me Say you, say me Say it for always That's the way it should be you, say me Say it together naturally! 당신과 나의 이야기는 언제나 꼭 필요한 것이지요 당신과 나의 이야기는 자연스럽게 나누는 우리의 대화입니다 I had a dream I had an awesome dream People in the park Playing games in the dark And what they played was a masqu..
OST 반지의 제왕 Enya - May It Be (Theme From "The Lord of the Rings") Live at The Academy Awards, 2002. May it be An evening star Shines down Upon you May it be When darkness falls Your heart Will be true You walk a lonely road Oh how far you are from home Mornië utúlië [Quenya: 'Darkness has come'] Believe and you Will find your way Mornië alantië [Quenya: 'Darkness has fallen'] A promise lives Within you now May it be The shadow's ca..
OST 영화 트랜스포머(Transformers) Linkin Park -What I've Done Linkin park- what i've done What I've Done (Theme From "Tranformer I") What I've Done (Theme From "Tranformer I") What I've Done (Live, Theme From "Tranformer I") What I've Done In this farewell 이번의 이별엔 There in no blood 피가 없어 There in no alibi 변명(알리바이)도 없어 'Cause I've drawn regret 끌어낼 것을 후회하기 때문에 From the truth 진..
영화 "영광의 탈출 Pat Boone - The Exodus Song This land is mine God gave this land to me This brave this golden land to me And when the morning sun reveals her hills and plain Then I see a land where children can run free 이 곳은 나의 조국 신이 내게 준 이 땅 이 훌륭한 황금의 땅을 아침 햇살이 떠오르면 이 땅의 언덕과 평원이 드러나 보일 때 나는 그곳에서 어린이들이 자..
영화 '사랑의 수잔나 진추하 & 아비 - One Summer Night One summer night the stars were shining bright One summer dream made with fancy whims That summer night my whole world tumbled down I could have died if not for you 어느 여름 밤 별님은 밝게 빛나고 있었어요 공상의 날개를 활짝 편 어느 여름날의 꿈 그 여름 밤 당신이 아니었더라면 내 모든 세상은 무너져 내리고 난 죽어 버..
OST 영화ㅡ노팅힐 Elvis Costello - She She may be the face I can`t forget 그녀는 아마도 내가 잊을 수 없는 얼굴 The trace of pleasure or regret 기쁨 또는 후회의 흔적은 May be my treasure or the price I have to pay 어쩌면 나의 보물이거나 내가 치러야 할 대가일지도 몰라요 She may be the song that summer sings 그녀는 아마도 여름이 불러주는 노래 May be the c..
OST ,라스베가스를 떠나며,(Leaving Las Vegas;1995년),Sting - Angel Eyes Have you ever had the feeling That the world's gone and left you behind Have you ever had the feeling That you're that close to losing your mind You look around each corner Hoping that she's there You try to play it cool perhaps Pretend that you don't care But it doesn't do a bit of good You got to seek till you find Are you never unwind Try to think That love is not around St..
영화[Rain Man(레인맨)] Lou Christie - Beyond the Blue Horizon Beyond The Blue Horizon Beyond the blue horizon 저 푸른 지평선 너머로 Waits a beautiful day 아름다운 날이 기다리고 있네 Goodbye to things that bore me 나를 지겹게 했던 것들이여 이젠 안녕 Joy is waiting for me 즐거움이 나를 기다리고 있네 I see the new horizon 나는 새로운 지평선을 보고있네 My life has only begun 내 ..
OST From "Out of Africa Dana Winner - Stay with Me till the Morning Dawn breaks above the neon lights Soon the day dissolves the night Warm the sheets caress My emptiness as you leave Lying here in the after glow Tears in spite of all I know Prize of foolish sin I can't give in Can't you see Though you want to stay You're gone before the day I never say those words How could I Stay with me till the morning I've walked the streets alone before ..